3 Reasons To Remember Your Heartbreaks – Not Forget Them

3 Reasons To Remember Your Heartbreaks - Not Forget Them by James Russell Lingerfelt


You encountered your first taste of love, you journeyed through the valley, and you survived. You were able to pick yourself up, dust off, and give another love another chance.

If the first time around was physical attraction or infatuation, you learned your lesson. Now you want a life partner: Someone who will live and love life beside you, who will be there for you and you for them. Here’s 3 reasons why remembering your past heartbreaks will help your life.

1. You won’t be fooled as easily.

You have a greater insight into reading people’s character. You witnessed their behavior in various circumstances, you heard their confessions to you and others, and you observed how they treated others in their life they loved most.

Glitter doesn’t impress you anymore. Good character and a best fit do. You know that, now.

2. You’re more powerful and mature than ever before.

To decide to love again, to live a life of selflessness toward another, this requires a lot of maturity.

You know more of what’s required to invest in and build a healthy relationship, and you’re aware of the risks. Therefore, you’re filled with a more sober confidence.

3. You’re a fuller version of yourself.

You’re more fully aware of who you are, your wants, your needs, and your goals in life. 

Being transparent and vulnerable with others gives us insight into our own souls. We realize the levels of self-sacrifice we’re capable of, and also our boundaries.  

In Closing:

Heartbreaks are always terrible experiences, and falling in love is always like falling in love for the first time (because it’s the same chemicals firing in the brain). You might can handle heartbreak better than before, but it doesn’t change what you feel.

But those experiences teach us a lot about ourselves; how we think, act, how we tick. So let’s not leave those experiences or ourselves unexamined. 

Some people make the same mistakes over and over again because they don’t take the time to examine themselves or their former experiences in order to learn from them. 

Let’s not forget or ignore the past, for it’s our guide. But let’s not dwell there, either. A brighter present and future awaits us.

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